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Capri Cucina is an opportunity to experience the traditional and rustic side of how Italians have eaten for centuries. Our passion combined with the highest quality products will make your visit unforgettable.

If you are familiar with Lindfield, on Sydney’s North Shore, you would remember the old hardware store on the Pacific Highway. After 6 months of renovations, the old hardware store was converted into a true Italian ‘locale’, and can now seat over 150 people inside and more than 40 on the terrazzo.

Once inside, a chic presence of New York style combined with the Italian aromas makes you glad to be here. Capri Cucina Woodfire Spuntino Bar, as its name suggests, will embrace you in an authentic Italian dining experience.

Serving woodfired pizzas together with one fully equipped, professional kitchen, Capri Cucina salutes the ‘casalinga’ style of food from Italy. Additionally there is a 12 metre bar in the centre of the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal with a cocktail, wine or beer on tap.

Capri Cucina is therefore an opportunity to experience the more traditional and rustic side of how Italians have eaten for centuries. Our passion combined with the highest quality products will make your visit unforgettable.




  • You may think you know a lot about Italian foods. But if you find yourself sat in an Italian restaurant one day reading an Italian menu, you may just realize that you actually have no idea whatsoever when it comes to the real fare Italians enjoy.What’s your favourite pasta dish?Spaghetti with meatballs? Fettucine Alfredo?If you’re looking for these on an authentic Italian menu, you may find yourself bitterly disappointed. These are, in fact, Italian-Anglo-Saxon dishes and will not feature on a standard restaurant menu anywhere in Italy or in an authentic Italian Restaurant in Sydney like Capri Cucina. It’s difficult for Italian to talk about Italian Cuisine because, the cuisines of Italy differ vastly from region to region. The traditional dishes of the people of the North are typically meat based and made with cuts of chicken, beef, duck, rabbit and veal. Italians like to see no part of the animal go wasted, so don’t be surprised if you find innards, guts and other animal parts in standard dishes. For example, the people of Piedmont love nothing more than tongue in green sauce (lingua al bagnetto), Venetians like liver with onions (fegato alla veneziana), and Tuscans enjoy sitting down to a family meal of hearts and livers on bread. Throughout the North of Italy, salads are served as a side dish to the main meal, as opposed to an appetizer, and fruit with whipped cream is a dessert staple. Capri Cucina Restaurants in Chatswood and Lindfield instead find their soul in authentic food and recipes of Southern Italy, which are a lot richer and spicier. While pasta is common throughout Italy, the people of the North tend to favour risotto, while those of the South are firmly in the pasta camp. In this case we wanted to give you the full experience of difference flavours form North to South. To be fair in Italy there are several types of different pasta and for most of them you may not be familiar with, but if you are in doubt, ask our waiters and they will be able to help you.Pizza is also an absolute must here at Capri Cucina since we pride ourselves to offer to our customers one of the best Pizza in Sydney, especially if you are looking for an authentic Italian Pizza! When you eat at an authentic pizzeria, the pizzas will be served on individual dishes, as it happens in Italy, but if you want to share just ask and we will be happy to slice the pizza for you.

  • The best approach is to choose your pizza and then decide whether or not you want to share. A good way to eat Pizza for Italian is to fold the delicious dough in two as though you were enjoying a calzone! You can go ahead; we won’t judge you! How you eat yours is entirely up to long as we put a smile on your face, we are happy. Even for the pizza there is a differentiation to make: it tends to be served with a thick crust in the South slightly more soft and light and a thin but crunchy crust in the North. Here at Capri Cucina we follow the tradition of the originals Pizza Maker of the south with a light dough and fresh toppings.There are many other differences between Italian-Anglo-Saxon cuisine and authentic Italian dishes you can find in real Italian Restaurants in Sydney. For example, cappuccino should only be served at breakfast, a time of the day that Italians like to enjoy sweet foods such as pastries. As such, you’ll be hard pushed to find a restaurant or bar that serves cappuccino. Egg and bacon at breakfast time will also be difficult to come by. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that there is no cream in Italian carbonara. In fact, the authentic recipe for this delicious dish consists of eggs, pig cheek (“guanciale”), pecorino cheese and a dash of black pepper. Ask for pepperoni and you may be met with blank stares or may be offered pepperoni, which is peppers: there is no such word as pepperoni in Italy.A typical Italian meal consists of the appetizers (antipasti), followed by a pasta, rice or soup dish (primo), the main dish (secondo) with a side dish (contorno), dessert, coffee and then the "ammazzacaffè", which literally translates as “coffee killer” and is a very small shot of a strong alcoholic beverage. Some etiquette to remember: as pasta and meat are two entirely different courses, you won’t find pasta served alongside chicken or meat. The only exceptions to this are Ragù, which you probably call bolognese sauce, and tortellini, a traditional dish that consists of pasta stuffed with a mixture of chicken and beef. Italian cuisine is unapologetically regional; as such, when you travel from one city to another, the menu will change beyond recognition, at Capri Cucina we want to give you a taste of the real flavour of the Italian tradition of the south with some other popular regional dishes of other regions in the centre and in the north. This mix of flavours is an experience that you won’t forget.